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tv   Rick Wilson Everything Trump Touches Dies  CSPAN  September 9, 2018 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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>> to all of you rick is seasonal political strategist well versed in negative ads. glncht a 30-year veteran of politics rick got a start in the 1988 presidential campaign of
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and breaking advertising and winning to national committees, and corporate association and government plans across the nation and around the world. he has been published in several plbl cases including washington post politico and rolling stone. his new book is the new best "new york times" best seller everything trump touches die. a leader of the never trump -- [applause] leader of the never trump movement and early days of trump's campaign through his first year in office. this novel critique of the damage trump has done to country and republican party and conservative movement combining his signature dark humor with penetrating insight about today's politics and trump assumption exposing illusion to
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followers blindly follow and call trump enable among politician and media figures. yet the situation is hopeful that nation can find its way book reason and in view of the book he calls the book hilarious smartly written and spot on. someone had to do it. [laughter] ladies and gentlemen, rick wilson. [applause] wow. fantastic, crowd tonight can you guys hear me? this okay -- all right. closer to the mic. like this. all right well thank you all for coming out tonight i really appreciate everyone's support and -- the reaction to the book. what i want to do tonight i want to read a couple of pieces for you. that is couple of my favorite little bits out of the book, but i like to do this mostly to try
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to do as much q and a as we can as much interaction as we can. because you're all smart. and i think that's a lot of fun. i think the c-span audience will enjoy that also. [laughter] everybody gets nerd points tonight right fantastic. give me a second here because i'm going to -- find a couple of piece for you that -- that i like. how many of you read the book already? a good number of you. in between the chapters there are these little chapters that tell a story or a couple of stories actually. one of them is called inside the oval offices tragedy in five acts. and in each of these -- a little story, i tell in one of them i tell story of a -- hypothetical white house appointee cabinet appointee and
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i'll read you one of the pieces now. act four. one by one they're all gone. spicer bannon, the mooch -- sure jared and ivanka are around but you would like tillerson and price and dearborn but cool meeting a real life select. the place slowly emptying out you been able to move up it a larger closet the president twice or four timeses summon you and hiss into her phone he's talking to his pet tben. soon she was gone too. he tried to give president good advice when he asked for it. but most of the team he didn't ask. he just talked. and talked it shall and talked. it was a spring of 2018 you know something you tried to avoid for a long time donald trump wasn't just a little offkilter or different. as much as you loved him and job
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at the white house it was frightening to see him up close. unfocused, agitated and as much as you hated to admit it delusional. you didn't have heart to tell him that wall wasn't already over 3,000 miles long. [laughter] or that robert mol her never been a high priest in a ring based in target store in xangd alexandria, virginia maybe gdp wasn't up as president claims was it mueller, russia, maybe -- was it stormy daniels, almost certainly. he talked about her bangibility with time again and follow he perfected over decades. you didn't have tile to get your dry cleaning. much less date. finally the grim day arrived, john kelly resigned jim mattis took a walk and no original cabinet remained. shocks no one xepght potus, the corruption cases mounted domestic policy and fell flat and 2019 bleak as hell a
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enelectoral sweep and idea of getting presidents out for the campaign kept being deferred because was so busy but in reality because he was so broken and crazy. the mueller investigation ground on and on with a broken white house not largely abandoned. elections in the fall of 18 made it clear there within the much more. melania on a be best tour to link of the security detail. the president hardly seemed to care or even remember her. all he could talk about a was mueller. then abrupghtly president looked up and said -- by the way, in the course of these -- he called guy by a different name because he can't remember. [laughter] then abrupghtly president looked up and said part knocker you think you're cut out for this job. i asked you to save america and all you've done is betray me you don't mow why it came from.
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you thought everything was fine and done your best to clean up messes and old appointees left behind. you realized something right then. he's loyal to nothing and no one. anyway. [applause] one more bit that's not the pieces -- i -- i dismantle a lot of people that were trump enablers or people who should have done a better job in the primary. so i think since all of you are probably ted cruz fans we'll read his section now. [laughter] awe ted cruz long a poster boy for purity poses city cruz was alpha dork of the fund. the text and elected in the wake of 2010 came into the 2016 race with conservative credit in the world. he was a darling of the mercer money clan, had talk radio singing on how he was leader of a bold conservative tomorrow.
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all of those qualities were in version portion to less obvious personal charms. more than almost any other member of the 2016 field ted cruz helped normalize trump. burning credibility it a toasty crisp. cruz who later hear trump accuse father of accomplice city in assassination of john f. kennedy then trump insulted cruz's wife and told fox news i like donald trump. i think he's terrific. i think he's pressure. i think he speaks the truth. ted even lost support of his long time sugar daddy robert merse and nodded politely through it all in 30 years never seen engage in great or self-humiliation. many of the republican candidates have again out of their way to take a two by four to donald trump i think it's a mistake cruz told of polito now look ted is a bright guy. there's no question much, much smarter than average bear. however, like quite a few smart people cruz has a massive spot
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when it comes to playground bullies obtained for entirety of his life. trump saw him from the jump as a mark. the tragedy of ted cruz sounds like a play, the bargain cruise made in efforts to win over trump voters reduced him from rock star to something can do, tolerated occasionally praised but mostly kept out of sight unless he soiled carpets. ever ambitious taken with cleverness cruz clings to two rather obvious dreams. want first is that of every man or woman who warms seat in senate, the white house. the argument there is he can be the thinking man trump, the follow on that soothes out national populism and lead into a glorious decision and decision boundless and oddless. other whisper is he's the logical choice for a trump supreme court pick, however, if ted cruz believes for one moment that trump is going to put the son of the man who killed jfk on the supreme court -- he's got another thing coming.
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that job is being held for anthony scaramucci. [applause] all right thank you so much. and let's just hop right to the q and a unless you have other big picture questions i'm happy to answer them. let's try to -- not cover the same ground too many teams. but let's go. you, sir. >> mic check. you remember standing already -- >> so -- given your political leanings tied to your hatred of trump,
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you can't hear me? >> no. okay i'm like -- there you go. practically eating -- get up there. get on it. practically eating for dinner. [laughter] so given your political leanings tied with your hatred for trump, would you find a better case or scenario would you be okay with your standard democrat nominee you know like, you know, go back, you know, past you know 16 years in your mind be okay given, you know, option given the reality we're in now would you be okay with that? as a better case -- >> look at interesting counterfactual. but here's what i know about barack obama as president. he didn't turn out to be a kenyan sweeper agent trying to impose gay marriage on country,
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and he was pretty much a democrat. bill clinton was pretty much a democrat who was, you know, a wandering everything. [laughter] but -- you know, i think that, i think that the political distinction between this sort of broad political homeostay ties -- the right doesn't hold too much power for too long i missed that, and so -- the return to some sort of normal in the lanes presidency either republican or democrat i think is desirable over the authoritarian statism of trump. so -- >> thank you. >> you're welcome. do you know mike long? >> in new york, no a speech writer for -- >> yeah -- i do, i thought you would. >> yes, ma'am, sorry about that. >> that's okay. i'm just the opposite. i would vote for a suit and he
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or she was running against trump. >> so i would vote for shane bear. [laughter] >> i agree and it sounds like a wonderfully entertaining and satisfying book. but what about the people in the country that are are 30 or 40% who would follow this man into hell? what are we going to do with them? [applause] >> well three things are going to happen with those folks. the first thing is -- the tables are a bitch. and a lot of those people that love donald trump are at the peak end of the senior scale. that is the prime audience for fox news which feeds them a constant diet of fear. of everything -- and they're eventually going to age out of the population what donald trump has done to republican party is he's foreclosed us talking for a generation or more to younger voters african-american voters,
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educated voters hispanic, voters i could go on. but it is party of lincoln is going to turn into party of 55-year-old white dudes with ged's looking at conspiracy websites in their basement and so that's a time limited function of the party. and the people that are involved in the trump world are going to collide with reality. all but trump hasn't been faced with a crisis yet but not a real crisis everything he's done is because he sent ass on fire. he's not been faced with any moment where -- you know look if you look at last three presidents in the first two years barack obama faced a financial crisis of 2008, the full collapse nearly full collapse of the financial sector in this country. george bush faced 9/11 bill clinton faced stock market collapse in economic crisis is. so all of these guys were tested in their first two years, donald trump has managed by -- the luck of whatever, whatever creature, you know, he is -- he's avoided an international or domestic crisis so far.
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when he's tested those people see the guy they thought they elected from the tv show -- and i read about this a lot in the book for 14 years -- trump's answer the time of people who love him watched shows like apprentice what did they see? masterful negotiator respected businessman, brilliant judge of character. internationally respected you know all of these things. that's not donald trump. that's the character he plays on tv. that's the -- that's the -- you know, real housewives version of him that those people bought into. they believe that was donald trump. he's a 40-year public figure with high prefl and they bought all of that image and every time he gets tested, hellsinky he runs into a buzz saw reality they face that reality. third thing is when economy does take a hit from trade war and everything else he's doing and unsustainably, as a republican i
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love low tax but this was written buzz a friend of mine wrote it for 150 hedge fund guys on wall street. everybody else in this country and republicans are like i'm getting my trump bonus. no you're not, and in two years it goes away anyway. so you know, that thing is going to, a time bomb with economic mindfield so you know who gets screwed hardest, the people l who love trump the most. thank you, ma'am. >> hi. whoops. almost broke it. perhaps in the book i've gotten through first couple of pages. but do you think there was -- >> can't believe you work -- [inaudible conversations] going to get it signed. >> do you think there was -- do you think trump nomination or is nodges was sort of a kind of a one off comedy of error or do you think there was some structural in the republican party where there was a core
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voters that he said were not addressed? >> i detail that in the bock and yes there was voters in republican party who are part of the -- who really liked the idea they were going to get a transgressive superaggressive ass hole to be their avatar i call them people who said republicans have 54 votes why can't they pass to the senate that they want well math. [laughter] but -- and there were people that wanted that. but bigger factor is where the responsible adults in the room. and i talk about this in the book, the money people were divided up and they were playing this game and it was jeb supporters were like i'll wait until they take out mar eco and guess what, yeah we'll take out ted cruz and skate past him. they played this incredibly dumb game while trump was sucking up media in the room, and -- and --
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i write about this in the book i sent million know you can spend 10 million to cut this cancer out of the party you can get in this in new hampshire or iowa or -- before you get a nomination you can spend 100 million dollars or he wrecks republican pert and wrecks country you can spend billions trying to bet back so a lot of people there were a lot of bad actors in this situation and a lot of things that happened. trump being generous as a candidate was a huge factor in this as i previously describe this sort of reality tv thing, they thought it was real. and bought into -- and look there's a desire for the transgressive jerk figure in -- in people who feel marginalized politically. and i'm not going to compare him to hitler because hitler had normal size hands. [applause] but you see this time and again in authoritarians where their line is, i'm going to take revenge on elite before you and
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be the guy who pushes people who read books and who know things and who are experts and who hate you. i'm going to teach them a lesson. it's an old part of the authoritarian and things that are well for these people. thanks. >> hi. i did actually read the entire book. good for you aplus. i want to thank you for coining a word that will stay with with me always. and that word is beside wall and sometimes i layoff laugh out loud. j a model on the wall. >> literally a perfect word. >> thank you. >> i wanted to ask you to reflect not on that guy in the white house so much -- but on how ground was laid for him in some ways. disclose that i am democrat -- >> no way. >> love the cities love city, love the government everything that you probably hate. i love. >> i was a --
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i lived in d.c. for 12 years i loved the city. i think government is terrible of design sense but other than that, no -- >> question. my serious question is -- i wonder if yowctd reflect on the straight line from the the intellectually -- view of federal government to the tea party, to the meaning of and then the, you know, demonizing of government that now exist that laid the groundwork for somebody like trump because to me that is as dangerous a problem with rehab in this country that there is no trust in this government anymore because of 20 years of that rhetoric. but government is also spectacularly failed in million things over the years and web argue that causation problem of
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that. but goth often overpromises and underperforming and that's a -- you know in business we know that's a exact opposite what have you ought to do but i will say this. after 2010, there became a -- self-reenforcing media silo in this country that involved the predominance of fox news rising ratings controlling the 90 million households of viewers, where republicans were getting basically all of their news. the talk radio sphere dominate by conservative talk hosts, and finally rise of social media where people could silent themselves into one particular news hole, and maybe that news outlet was called real true patriot eagle forum news 2 thorks but they believed it because their friends were sharing on their facebook pages so biggest issue here of laying groundwork for
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trump was separation of the country into entirely separate media silos, and politics has, has persistent rhythms throughout it over time but not always through line you can connect with exact, you know, fidelity so thank you. >> this is really a pleasure to talk to you i have to tell you you're great when you're on with jason on the press -- >> did a great show. great interviewer. you may know walters but talk about that afterwards. and -- first like kind of like a jokey have you and john been in the room at the same time? >> we are orn morning joe together a couple of weeks ago i was we aring a linen jacket and he was wearing a blue shirt and i was wearing pink shirt but flower tie, so yeah we're often -- often mistaken if we're sitting down but john is about 3 feet
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taller than me he's like 7 foote nine or whatever he's like a hill giant. >> i'll get you clan laptop for halloween but protect your neck from my -- serious question. >> that's a blue tank joke. [laughter] >> would get it do you think there's an irony in fact that if and when republican party is ready to rebuild they're going to find all star team on msnbc, the steve schmitts and nicole wallace, and then you think about the intellectual i wassen willing to what joule rewas saying like republican party isn't party of ideas and you can go on msnbc and bill kristol or george talking so -- >> irony of thing is -- part of trumpism is -- is rabbit intellectualism. my friend tom -- and my friend tom nichols about the death of expertise and they say well you guys didn't beat
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obama. and therefore, everything you've ever done is a failure. well you know, people like us that build this system elected george bush a couple times and politics is win and lose game and sometime use win and sometime use lose and selected over 1,000 republicans to state legislatures all over this country state wide all over this country and we have a quiet e revolution of people who knew what they were doing and now -- if you want to go ahead to take out smartly targeted and tested tv ads based oner data and outreach programs base on research and polling survey and substitute it for rallies with a blond guy screaming kick their as on the stage and try it that way. see how 18 works and see how 20 works you want to go with trumpism. so that depth of expertise is embedded in trumpism very strongly. >> appreciate that. fine for next couple of years might as well be laughing. thank you. [applause] yes, sir.
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>> thank you. thanks for coming. you attacked trump from a conservative center right position. what common cause do you find with center left and far left outlets? rule of law. [laughter] >> i'm kind of a fan of that. the crooked media or trap outside. so -- so crooked media and been friends for -- for 20 years since new york back in the 90s. and now, obviously, was in her teens then because she can't be old because i'm old as hell. but -- look, one of the things that this -- the priest administration silo does is -- sets off people on the republican side particularly like oh, my god you won msnbc what did i say? was i talking about universal health care or -- taxing rich or eating or
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eating -- no. you make a point as a qeivetive on nirks and you're considered that you're betrayed movement in some way. well too bad. this is -- this is, you know, open field and fox doesn't want me to bust up their reality bubble at night. because they want to say that donald trump is a 60 foot tall golden god who stands prosperity ever, and i don't play that. but the fact that i -- make a point to go where i'm -- can make a point, is not about the ideological slant of the network or the outlet it's about where i want to make a point and so you know what if you have a good idea you should be able to articulate it anywhere. problem with the conservative media space for a generation they said all right idea are so good if people can hear a fair reporting of our views on tax, economy, race, foreign policy, national security, we would be
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fine. well now they have their own network. and their own bubble that they will not leave and they will condemn anyone who steps outside of it. because they hate challenge to that world view, and you know, you don't get a better set of ideas and better set of policy and politics unless you're -- you have some dynamic tension between your view and don't test out and go slam ideas up against other people's ideas. >> thank you. you're welcome. >> hello -- do you -- thank you so far. >> i love your book. lindsey graham -- [applause] sorry and one of -- one of john mccain closest friends, couple of years ago was warning the republican party not to fall in line behind trump that it would be a disaster and now he plays golf with him. he sort of carries water for trump, and in the wake of this, this flag thing with --
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yesterday with mccain, he seems to abandoned, abandoned his principles is he being compromised in some ways? >> i think he's being compromised by his own ambition and that's saddest thing for me because lindsay was a good friend of john mccain, and he was somebody who was ally of john in a number of fights where john was going to take more iconic view of things. i just account to take a quick with outside of the book for a second i was about to go on nicole wallace yesterday when the news broke that trump had given in and lowered the flag again. that moment, that eight hours yesterday between the time that story broke and time that he reversed his decision, it may seem like a petty thing on trump's part. but that was a man who sought to normalize his personality cult
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above heroism and dead kition and patriotism and service and pielgdty to this krkt and i'm glad he lowered that flag because i was about to go on air and lose my damn shit. i mean, i was -- it was not boing to be pretty. [applause] this is a guy who -- who you know and lindsay -- best case scenario is he's manipulating trump. worst case when you're trying to manipulate somebody who is master at it they know you're trying to play them and lindsay will eventually trump will turn on him and devour him eventuallily you know what you feed alligator last biscuit in a bucket and take your arm and that's what lindsay will learn one day. >> thank you. hey, hi, thanks for taking the question. >> you bet so how do you respond to republicans who say at least trump is getting two supreme
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court picks possibly more. when you look back on the situation the 2016 election would the picks from hillary do you think then a better scenario how do you respond as republican? >> there was no scenario when i thought yay hillary i wasn't like a fan boy of hillary clinton by any stretch and i thought her nominees would have been in the normal sort of range of democratic nominees. but i want to step become on supreme court argument for a second. because -- as an a actual constitutionist not one of these, you know, guys who -- treats it like a chinese mean ewe. they intended branches to work in a dynamic between them. republicans are doing what democrats did for years with the supreme court. ...
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>> because donald trump could not peel neil gore such or brett kavanaugh at even if they bit him on the they are paired of the federalist society and to get them elevated to the system. i don't look at that as a triumph make claim that but the larger question to
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specialize in any branch of the government if we control this we control the world it doesn't. the way people think. [applause] 50% of the country including everybody in this room hates trump the other 20% they don't like trump but they hate democrats so what do you say to the 20%? >> your psychology is close but it 60% hate trump 20% will throat follow him to the gates of hell but most people right now that voted for him in 16 were college-educated republican women, and a lot of them have left the party
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already. and the electoral college map dilutes people into thinking the split is bigger than it was. it was very closely run if you look at the demographics so with a shrunken republican base it is intense as hell but it is smaller now so becoming the party of the 55-year-old do there is only a certain number of 55-year-old dudes in the country and in that swing area they drift away from him because of his behavior, he screwed in his aspects people say that doesn't matter but guess again. then barack obama would have got his handed to him by john mccain with his list of accomplishments versus somebody in the senate two
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years. presentation matters. every day he drives a few more people out and those people in the middle our independence but those are coming in the future. thank you. [applause] >> i definitely thank you have a career as a standup political comedian. if you consider the scenario that the democrats take back the house and at that point we still haven't heard from mr. moeller, at that point would that makes is to be logically consistent for democrats to move on impeachment? >> here's the thing about say
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the democrats win 50 seats that's a big day it is watergate day. let's say they bring the bill of impeachment and an investigation if they have a really great day in the senate but they never get to the two thirds so you take the risk to turn 98 into a a much better here by going after? or if you have the power to investigate you begin to dismantle the administration brick by brick day by day to take apart the corruption and grind it out, to perform that actual investigation and i
12:36 am
don't say this lightly there is a list of people in gitmo. [laughter] as a hostile foreign intelligence service. thank you. >> your answer is it's not a wise idea? >> what revs up the trump base there is no math that shows that wave but if you turn this into the existential crisis i assure you for every democrat that hears the word impeachment they know that will motivate the gop to stick. >> thank you.
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>> i am actually from tallahassee. but i want to ask your opinion about the ballot races in florida where do you stand on voting for candidates who may agree with you with a policy perspective but probably rubberstamp triumph? remake i have trouble with that i don't think is conservative or republican. with a case-by-case a lot of these people that fall into double categories. one category is those that are scared to death of the mob that is a huge backroom psychology right now. they are absolutely petrified he will tweet something mean and then their social media will fill up.
12:38 am
there is another group as opportunistic as hell and they say his agenda no matter what and the second they get free cable swing back to the middle. it will be hard to run the ad but then whoever the democrat is says reading his book to his kid. ask his wife to call him donald. so tonight you will see a couple of trumpeters but i think the democrats and there
12:39 am
with me may 4 once make that smart choice because in the current political climate if you look at the last five presidential elections 20000. it's close. so that is where that is at. >> hello. this may be a follow-up from the preceding question you said often the do not see the republicans and the house to turn on trump is there any hypothesis you could imagine hitting rock bottom? >> donald trump performs on
12:40 am
the abortion on the white house lawn while taking a sacrifice eating a dog and then advocating for gay marriage. in that case there may have been a moment of cause. >> i can happen by tuesday. [laughter] you can see the crazies getting larger. they have decided any compromise is worthwhile no matter what he says or does not matter how much it hurts, they will stick with him until the last dog dies there are 50 that are crazy and a whole bunch that are petrified and they ate him. he sit with him and stand behind him to where the red hat and they hate him they are
12:41 am
disgusted one may be leaving he was in the former leadership position and a bunch of opportunist that want to make their own way and play it out as long as they can and to manipulate him but it will be a lot harder in november. >> i am a big fan. something you said in the last episode through me for a loop whenever democrats say anything about gun violence whatever they hired you to message. >> i would say stop talking about gun control. i will tell you this. it breaks their hearts because they believe that the gun is
12:42 am
the agent not the person. every time you look at a purple seat or red seat where a republican mysteriously wins i go to your democratic mail voter and i talked to them because they don't believe you. they thank you want to take your gun they will always phone democrats have been stupid about it with the assault weapons began in 1994 and 98 and rolled on the consequences to democrats it is an issue that has no parallel on the democratic side. nothing activates ms strongly. not abortion. no. i will take your lunch money every time if you have a candidate pro-gun control. that is one reason it will not survive in florida because it
12:43 am
will be pro-gun. mr. long -- republicans misread their base. with the florida concealed carry permit file. i ran the numbers 38.5% of those were democrats. of those 60% were high propensity voters. you don't even understand your own base. it doesn't matter how you feel about the issue but the mechanics of the politics and they lose time and time again. mom's for gun safety they should steal the nra idea to do gun safety training. you're not trying to take their guns. not there constitutionally guaranteed right.
12:44 am
it makes the people who enjoy guns and 70 million gun owners it makes them thank you are holes and want to take their guns. >> continuing the florida theme key west last week and i visited the truman little white house. there's actually a table where where he played poker every night before he went to bed to actually put a cover on it to disguise the fact he was playing poker but i am wondering in light of this president i used to respect the office of the presidency
12:45 am
even the ones that i disagree with now we have seen this guy go crazy on twitter. do you see the sanctity of office ever returning in the future? >> i will shock you with something. the most effectively during the george w. bush run the most successful theme was restoring honor and dignity to the white house. it was ran like a frat house it will take a long time to get back to the point. george washington he thought the most important characteristic was not to become the king the second was dignity a guy upstairs
12:46 am
tweeting every night surrounded by mcdonald's wrappers and rage tweeting it is hard to think of him as dignified. he thinks he is babe meet and the whole aspect is clownish that makes a harder to believe in the stature of the presidenc presidency. it will come back the next person who is president one hopes there is a value to be had a president who shows dignity as opposed to being a giant rectum all the time. [laughter] >> i know you said you have friends in the administration and they call you from time to time.
12:47 am
do they seriously think because they credible administration will come back. >> any one of the trump administration should probably seek employment in the midwest. this will scar them forever. it is proving itself out. >> they don't even get credit to be competent. when they call quick. walk out the door now and tell the truth. say what is going on. send me take you to court the government. when he sent people that was
12:48 am
not his best. [laughter] >> mac i wrote the question down so i stated a recent college graduate who was unemployed making bernie sanders look like a centrist to have an event at my college looking at the university of chicago poll that said exterior% of people don't seek capitalism as a core conservatism as what can solve
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the most pressing issues of our time. what can you do with people floating with the idea? >> my party has to get its head out of its own backside with crony capitalism what the past bill did was take care of a specific industry and i was told barack obama was president winners and losers was a bad thing it picked 150 winners in the hedge fund world with that tax bill that requires and to sustain itself. it is ridiculous picking winners and losers that should
12:50 am
be dead by now. republicans have not been a good example of free-market capitalism. that free-market capitalism is great and then we make sure his industry worth of a dead industrial sector completely but that is the heart of american commerce. that leads to them freezing in the dark. yes they are lovely but to those macro economies.
12:51 am
that has to be something with reform on the gop to get back to the free-trade capitalism syste system. >> i am a big fan great book. does the trump administration have any policy successes for the remainder except by tearing down the obama air regulation? >> he proved in the very first weeks of his administration he cannot pass legislation. the house in the senate had it caulk and lock to jam it through and to smash obamacare and then the giant mandate came out into interrupt into
12:52 am
state say things on twitter there is a reason they are sending him bills to sign like the three remaining bridges. they don't trust him with a big important stuff. even though conservatives used to scream their head off he signed these executive orders that he has a limited portfolio of things he can do he will keep the coal industry moving because he believes the key to ohio or the whole region. >> thank you so much.
12:53 am
a question i haven't heard is what about the russian and the russian money and the oligarchs ask where are the republicans on this? >> there is a lot of it and for a long time. and in bed with the rob's mobsters and has been in cds and the reason he lives in total terror to strap on the extra diaper when they get to taxes because i start to peel apart the relationships with the banks and russian lending and those drone guarantees and people who are experts but we
12:54 am
call i have no business with the russians that is a complete fabrication. and the behavior of their campaign somebody that is dedicated to clean government. [laughter] and the oligarchs have gotten used to buying the elections and you will see that come out with the tax records and dollar th the -- also the molar investigation. >> who are the strongest and weakest candidates in 2020? >> that's a great question i will not answer that i will tell you what they need for not who it is. i will give you a scale.
12:55 am
be great on tv. take it to tromp and kick his on tv all the time that disqualifies about 40% and hillary clinton her robotic act could it be that person. you are going to need a ton of money he will get the same media vacuum as last time you have to buy that exposure. it sucks and is horrible but there is a lot of money out there opposed to tromp. now the part about policy and to go for e-mail and that was rage they love that is what somebody that can activate their people so to look at
12:56 am
elizabeth warren a technocrat? you may love her but make her secretary of treasury. and then to shit talk like nobody's business and he is under his skin so far. it is a longshot and to be a rocket in the democratic party. and good on his feet and on the anthem question? >> one last question.
12:57 am
>> i work in polling. for a local company. >> i know you are. [laughter] so where do you think we are going with the next election? or how my work the general public. >> and we could both acknowledge as a tool. and to have a couple of research agencies that i help put together and everything counts in large amounts. and that is the accuracy of it of sheer volume.
12:58 am
we have to continue to merge polling with other data to get much quicker than the past. as a tracking mechanism and it is a train wreck. and nothing joining me faster during a campaign season it is a longer discussion then we could have here, but i'm a big fan of way more interviews. i don't even care about those trivialities speeseventeen.
12:59 am
>> we will have a signing appear. thank you again. [inaudible conversations]
1:00 am
once a year we get to talk to you at freedom fest about your latest book to write one book a year? >> i have written about 20. and as a venture capitalist and with those perils of enterprise. but depending on how you count


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